MCF Demonstration - Day Care

Our focus is on the overall development of the total child with a sound Christian foundation. We achieve this by providing a stimulating and safe environment with superior infrastructure. We have adequate facilities and well trained staff who are responsible for the children under our care while their parents are at work. read more…..

MCF Demonstration - Nursery School

We believe in catching them young. We therefore provide a well structured head start with very dedicated teachers who are highly qualified to build a solid foundation in our children. Learning at this critical stage of children’s development is provided in specially designed and equipped classrooms with progressive methods of experiential learning. This is the foundation for primary, secondary and University education.

At the Nursery School, we develop and nurture the ‘Culture of Excellence’. We are constantly challenging ourselves and keeping abreast with modern educational methods, to deploy in our most innovative and creative approach for our pupils to reach their full potentials. read more…..

MCF Demonstration - Primary School

Our Primary School is a unique and exceptional place to commence the journey to greatness. We take pride in educating the total Child. We believe that the spiritual, social, emotional and environmental curriculum is every bit as important as the academic curriculum. The teaching methods used at MCF Demonstration Primary School develops enquiry and creative thinking skills for excelling in a changing world. read more…

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